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Velvicut® Premium Axes

Velvicut® Premium Axes

Council Tool is pleased to offer a line of premium axes called VELVICUT®. This name was trademarked many years ago when an axe was part of the work day. When sharpness, the ability to hold an edge, and the feel of the tool made the day shorter – or longer – based on performance. With VELVICUT®, we combine centuries of axe making expertise with modern manufacturing techniques and excellent materials to produce a line of axes for those who want the best. VELVICUT® axe heads are patterned and produced with features that allow the axe to perform like the premium products they are.  As with other Council Tool products, VELVICUT® axes are completely Made In USA.

VELVICUT® axe heads are produced from 5160 grade alloy steel. This choice of steel grade is one of time-tested strength and edge-holding properties. These axe heads are drop forged around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The eye hole is pierced with a punch while the axe head is still red hot. Forging produces a product with refined grain flow. As a result of forging the grain is continuous throughout the part, giving rise to a part with improved strength characteristics. Our people know about strength of character: our forgers have, on average, more than 26 years of experience. We guarantee your VELVICUT® axe head to last longer than you will.

VELVICUT® axe heads are finished with a combination of new technology and old fashioned hand-eye coordination and experience. Beyond the steel and shape, the most important characteristics of an axe head are proper heat treatment and sharpness. These axe heads are shot blasted several times, and the bodies are contacted by different abrasives for cosmetic reasons; we don’t try to remove all forging marks. Therein lies the character. Axe bits in this line are heat treated to final hardness of Rc 52-56 to hold their edges. After heat treating, axe heads are finish sharpened by hand and experience. Many VELVICUT® users take pride in telling us how they took their axe and “fixed it” to their liking. We understand this… and encourage it if you know what you are doing. Don’t get it too hot though as you can ruin the temper.  

Handles for VELVICUT® axes are specially made from American hickory with grain oriented along the strength of the handle. Between ten o’clock and two o’clock…that’s the rule of thumb.  “A” grade or better, heartwood (red) and sapwood (white) or mixed. There is no difference in strength between red and white wood. Hickory is a beautiful, tough wood. Its strength comes from the slow growth of the species and remarkable cellular structure, allowing the wood to absorb and dissipate shock while remaining strong and flexible. If you have ever attempted to split hickory firewood you understand how strong and tough the wood is. Patterns are “old school,” with slim profiles and pronounced grips. Council Tool does not guarantee the handle … it’s organic and natural. We do guarantee each handle looks different. This is the beauty of hickory in particular…and of wood in general.

VELVICUT® axe heads are joined to handle in the traditional style. The head is seated and pushed down on the handle;  a softwood wood wedge is forced into the wedge slot,  and then the excess is trimmed off. We do not trim flush to avoid marking or marring the axe head. Finally, the wood wedge is secured in place by a metal wedge driven through the wood wedge.

VELVICUT® axe heads are offered in their natural steel color. We oil the head to deter rusting. Certain storage environments and climatic conditions will cause the axe head to rust. This is to be expected. Steel wool and machine oil should be used over time to maintain the finish.

We Don’t Make A Work Of Art With Each VELVICUT® Axe – We Make An Axe For The Art Of Work.

See how we make the Premium Velvicut ® Hudson Bay axe on YouTube.

Click Image Product Number Description List
Velvicut® 2.25# Premium Bad Axe Boy's Axe & Sheath JP22DV28C Velvicut® 2.25# Premium Bad Axe Boy's Axe & Sheath $148.95
Velvicut® 4# Premium Felling Axe with Sheath JP40DV36C Velvicut® 4# Premium Felling Axe with Sheath $186.25
Velvicut® 2# Premium Hudson Bay Axe with Sheath JP20HB19C Velvicut® 2# Premium Hudson Bay Axe with Sheath $136.95

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